POS Cash Register 3.10

The checkout program replaces a cash register. It supports 36 items, 11 cashiers, and only costs 48 US dollars.



POS Cash Register Screenshots

Functions and Benefits


  • General
    • Max. number of items: 36
    • Max. number of cashiers: 11
    • Password-protected settings
    • Display of change amount
    • Cancellation (of the current customer's items, in any order)
    • The customer's quantity of all items may be changed in any order
    • sales tax
  • Statistics
    • Total revenue
    • Revenue per cashier
    • Quantity of items sold
  • Export as CSV-file ...
    • Quantity of articles sold
    • Revenue per cashier
  • supported Hardware
    • receipt printer (receipt per customer or per article)
      • user-defined header and footer for receipts; name of cahsier, date and time on receipt


  • ideal for clubs and smaller fast-doof sellers; significantly cheaper than renting a cash register
  • no special hardware necessary, receipt printer can be sued if desired
  • simple operation and programming
  • faster checkout = shorter wait times
  • no receipt fraud
  • The POS program has been available for over three years as shareare and has proven itself at club gatherings, fairs and other small-scale events.
  • Updates following registration are typically free of charge or heavily reduced in price.


File size: 1,9 MB
System requirements: Windows 7 and newer; please test the program before purchase, especially with your receipt printer!
Most recent change to program: 2/18/2017, Version 3.00
Shareware-restrictions: saving of products, servers, revenue and settings is not possible in the unregistered version

No spyware or adware! This program contains no advertising and transfers no user data to other computers. The checkout program establishes no internet or other network connection. For registration, you only need the data which you enter into the registration form yourself. In addition, the program can be easily and completely easily and completely uninstalled using the deinstallation program. Thus, you can test this program on your PC without taking any risks.

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Register POS program

Please register the program in order to lift the restrictions on the shareware version.

Registration fee is 45 Euros (about 54 US Dollar).

Please note, that all orders are manually approved and registration will take 24 to 48 hours.

License (Lizenznehmer)

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