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System requirements: Windows Vista SP 2 and newer (.NET 4.5.2 required); please test the program before purchase!
Most recent change to program: 1/05/2017, Version 1.0
Shareware-restrictions: saving of settings is not possible in the unregistered version

No spyware or adware! This program contains no advertising and transfers no user data to other computers. The checkout program establishes no internet or other network connection. For registration, you only need the data which you enter into the registration form yourself. In addition, the program can be easily and completely easily and completely uninstalled using the deinstallation program. Thus, you can test this program on your PC without taking any risks.

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Register Logfolderchanges Program

Please register the program in order to lift the restrictions on the shareware version.

Registration fee is 25 Euros (about 27.29 US Dollar).

Please note, that all orders are manually approved and registration will take 24 to 48 hours.

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Last Update: 2017-05-29